Revised 8/17/2022

Welcome to SouthernOregonChristianPatriots.org. This website was created as an answer to the oft-repeated question, “Where do we go from here?” It’s an important question but many are unsure of where “here” is?

Let me break it down…

The world is attempting to go global and America, because she is free, stands in the way. Read that again, slowly. With that truth as the backdrop, the events of the last couple years come into focus.

It seems American Populism is a term we should understand. From the article, “Populism is the canary in our political coal mine—a warning that individual liberty may be having its oxygen drained away. Those who are concerned about freedom should pay attention to it.” This informs what we saw happen on January 20, 2016. In short, it is a movement of the majority who see an attack against our system of government (and as an extension our way of life) and are ready, willing and able to do whatever ought to be done about it.

What can be done about it? For brevity, I’m just going to drop this here. The “Background Here” link is prescient.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Buckminster Fuller

This is one of the things happening across the country. An answer to cancel culture, censorship, the continuous propagation of false narratives by the media, corrupt government, virus hysteria and the indoctrination of our children into critical race theory (CRT) is coming from millions of patriots who are creating alternatives to the existing models. Models that result in a reengagement in our local communities. Grass roots, they call it.

While the sample, above, speaks to the necessity of creating a new economic model in order to thwart the oligarchs, not all models need be new. The fight against government corruption and CRT in our schools, for example, can be waged by a return to our first love, so to speak. In this case, returning to the fundamental principals of self-governance through (local) representation. As citizens, not only do we have rights, we have duties and responsibilities. More on this later.

There’s some irony in the recognition that community reengagement is also where the rubber meets the road in walking out our faith. The enemy would have us isolated. The Spirit unites. And nothing unites better than the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Gospel is a message of love. Love, properly understood and walked out, results in right relationships; first vertically then horizontally. There is power in right relationships. Much more on this later…

Love (agape) causes a response. Love of God causes worship and obedience. Love of country causes adherence to law and the desire to perform the duties and responsibilities of citizenship. We lose our love for God when the enemy is successful in causing us to believe that God is less than He has revealed Himself to be. Our worship and obedience decline proportionally. Likewise, our love of country is proportional to our knowledge of its origin, history and value.

I am old. My parents generation (and theirs) lost an appreciation for the profound miracle that is our constitutional republic. Neither do I recall receiving any more exposure to our system of self-government than the Preamble; and that just to graduate 8th grade. Today, our kids are being taught to hate America; that the Constitution is outdated, flawed and worthy to be replaced. Behind all this is a march towards globalism. America stands in the way.

Americans, under the Constitution, have liberty. Equality of rights and opportunities are inherent. Protections against Marxist philosophies are built in. Immigrant minorities have always been able to cross the culture gap and enjoy the blessings of “fitting in” as Americans; often within a single generation! We are the cultural melting pot of the world. This country is the opposite of racist; it is inclusive by design. No other nation in the world can boast of this.

The starting point? America’s system of liberty and self-governance is worth fighting for.

Where we go from here is clear: we must (re)introduce our current generations to our past:

  • How did our country begin? Was throwing off the Crown legitimate? If so, on what grounds?
  • What issues did the Founders wrestle with during the creation of the Constitution?
  • What were the arguments against?
  • Had constitutional republics existed prior to America? How did those turn out?
  • Once the Constitution was in place, what was the result of this American experiment in self-government?

Many of the documents provided on the Read Me page answer these questions and many more. With these answers, we realize the value of what we have and what’s at stake. We realize what it’s going to take to keep it…because the Founders warned us. Our Constitution is timeless because it was built on foundational (unalienable) truths that remain true whether any system of government chooses to protect them. Returning to them returns us to life, liberty and the freedom to pursue happiness.

It requires that We The People re-engage.

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