About Us…

We love God, follow Jesus and depend on the Holy Spirit. We understand the underpinnings of our nation and the foundation of the gospel are rooted in the truth that we are all created in His image; we are the imago dei. Further, we understand that Jesus modeled perfect love by dying on a cross for our sins and ascending three days later to sit at the right hand of the Father. From there, the Holy Spirit was poured out on the Church to enable us to walk according to His will.

Foundationally, we love as servant leaders. That is what our Lord did. Our nation was formed on the foundational principle of servant leaders; We The People. In the equality that is inherent in the imago dei, it follows that no individual or group has the right to rule over another without consent. In love and faith, right relationships are created through the giving of that consent. When children submit to their parents. When wives submit to their husbands who die for their wives. When citizens submit to law enforcement. And when patriots pledge their allegiance to the Constitution of the United States.

With this brief statement of what we are about, our hope and prayer is that intrigue is kindled. We love God. We love our country. We intend this platform to be a useful tool for the education and edification of all who would live by the motto “In God We Trust.”