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Revised 2/15/2023

As suggested from the Welcome page, the big picture battle is a march towards globalism and America stands in the way. We know, because we’ve read the end of The Book; that the enemy succeeds in creating a one world economy, religion and government. At least for a minute. As a “pre-tribber,” I don’t believe I’ll be here when it happens. That said, I also believe that we are supposed to occupy until He comes. This has always meant leading lives consistent with the gospel as Spirit-filled ambassadors of the Kingdom.

Historical records leave little doubt that the majority of the Founders believed the Declaration of Independence, the revolutionary war victory, and the development and ratification of the Constitution all to be by Devine Providence. The best single reference for facts supporting this view comes from a book entitled The 5,000 Year Leap – Principals of Freedom 101 by W. Cleon Skousen. This book describes 28 fundamental beliefs of the Founding Fathers that, when understood and perpetuated, bring peace, prosperity, and freedom. These beliefs have made possible more progress in 200 years than was made previously in over 5,000 years. Thus the title “The 5,000 Year Leap.”

This is the starting point in learning who the Founders were, what they were up against and the value of what was created through their efforts. Get a copy. Read it and you will understand the brilliance reflected in the document they produced. You then might be inspired to read:

  • The Declaration of Independencethe justification behind renouncing the authority of King George III.
  • The Constitution of the United Statesthe legal document detailing a system of self-government which would protect our natural (God-given) rights and prevent the offenses enumerated in the Declaration of Independence.
  • The Federalist Papersa series of essays written in favor of the Constitution to the people of the 13 colonies.
  • The 1776 Commission Reporta report produced by a group of experts commissioned by President Donald Trump to reacquaint us with who the Founders were, what they were up against and what they produced. The report also reveals the nature of those opposed to the founding principals and that the same opposition exist today.

The Founders understood our Rights to be God-given. The rights that are said to be self-evident are so because they exist outside of any system of government. That is why they are unalienable. It is interesting to learn that there have always been those that do not believe that we are equal in possessing these rights. This is true because the principle is derived from the fact that we are all created in the image of God and are therefore equal. The direct implication of this equality is that no one (or group) has the right to rule over any other one (or group) without their consent. Those that do not believe this to be true do so from a humanistic (godless) perspective. This is why there has always been opposition. The unbelief in equality is the basis for eugenics, Marxism, Socialism, Communism, Critical Race Theory (CRT) and all other systems of government and philosophies that espouse dominion over others based on race, color, sex, class, etc.

Some suffer from unbelief. Others use their opposition to control and dominate the masses. It is this latter group that is the root of most of the unrest we are seeing in our nation and around the world. Control and dominate and there is no more self-governance…no more America to stand in the way.

Here are some supporting perspectives:

Where does the rubber meet the road? Consider the following:

The Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman (PCP) Strategy to Take Back the Republican Party and America at the Ballot Box

The consensus is this is a necessary step in order to take our country back. Participate in any local event where policy is determined; City Council meetings, County Commissioner meetings, district school board meetings, local Republican Party meetings, etc. To the extent that conservatives use their voice, conservative principals and representatives will be the result.

Most reading this are like me. Politics is a four letter word. It’s repugnant. Our leaders are varying degrees of corrupt and there’s little we can do about it beyond voting so why bother? That was my uneducated perspective of how the system works (or doesn’t work).

Point in case, how many of you knew what a PCP was prior to following the link above? Roughly 1 in 20 people I asked didn’t know. This is true throughout our current generations; neither my kids, grandkids, peers or parents knew. Imagine my surprise when I learned that a PCP is where the representative rubber meets the road in our system of self-governance!

I feel like basic civics has been kept a secret. And perhaps it has. I’ve always suspected there had been a dumbing-down of Americans for the last few decades. I am now beginning to understand why. Without delving into the who, what or why, it can be safely said that both offense and defense in this fight looks the same: we must educate our generations as to how our system of self-governance works and where exactly the power lies.

Only then will we fully understand our rights, duties and responsibilities as citizens. Only then will we know that WE ARE SOVEREIGN CITIZENS and that our leaders work for us! We will know that the greatest amount of power and authority lies locally, in our counties and with our local elected officials. We ARE the authority and when all citizens know this, the system is cured.

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