New Models…

Economic model:

  • Pull your positions out of their useless stock market and buy bitcoin, gold, silver, food stores, and ammo. Bitcoin is free speech money. Learn what it is and how to use it. Now.
  • Leave Big Banks for local community banks.
  • Start supporting small local shops.
  • Pay attention to the brands you buy and support. Check out their websites and marketing. If they are “woke,” stop giving them your money. Period.

Political model:

  • National elections are a big distraction. Members of Congress are bought and sold like cattle by the oligarchs, foreign nations, and whoever has the money. Instead center your focus on getting American Populists and Christian men and women elected mayor, to state legislatures, as judges, on school boards, etc.
  • Create pro-family, pro-business, and pro-law and order policies for your local area. We can’t control DC, but we can control what happens in our backyards.
  • We must also work to unite American Populists on the left and the right. What unites the left- and right-wing populists, and Americans in general, is Jesus Christ.

News & information model: Cut the cable cord. That includes both Fox and CNN. Do not watch it. Do something else with your time and money. Support alternative media outlets and individuals. Get that garbage marxist indoctrination content machine out of your home and away from your family.

Social media model: Exit the Big Tech mind prison. Find alternative platforms than Big Tech or go old school.

Church model: If your church has gone “woke,” leave. We have room for only one Gospel in Christian churches and that’s the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Not the imitation false gospel of “social justice.”

Education model: Pull your kids out of public schools where their minds are being molded at the altar of Marxism. Do everything and anything you can to homeschool or attend Christian private schools or online schooling programs.